Friday, March 14, 2014

Ivy's baby blessing

Ivy is such a special and beautiful baby to us. We really wanted to be able to have a little bit more family around to take part in our babies special day so we decided to do the blessing in Utah this time around. It was a pretty last minute decision to do this but it worked out very nicely and we have my family to thank for a lot of that!  We had the blessing at my parents house and my sister Alli pretty much planned and carried out the entire event for us! We just showed up and enjoyed:) She did all the food prep and planning with some help from my mom but I honestly did nothing. I am so thankful for them and was so impressed with everything they did.

Here are some pictures from that day.
I ordered her blessing dress from a girl that makes them locally in Sandy and had my sister pick it up for me the day before the blessing. Luckily it fit! I loved her dress so much! Thanks Lilly J Design's!

The AMAZING table arrangement and food that My favorite sister Alli put together.

It was also just a gorgeous day outside. Isla was soaking it up.

My cousin Christi and I. We have babies just a month apart. They are already little friends.

Some of my cousins that were able to come. I don't get to see them very often but when I do it's great!

Steve's awesome parents who are always inspiring me to do better.

And thanks to Scott for coming and bringing the older Kiddo's. It was so fun to have them!

My wonderful parents who do so much for my little family. 

My lovely sister, always so cool, stylish and helpful! Love you BFF!

Families are truly forever thanks to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us. We are so grateful. 
So the day was amazing and the blessing was perfect. It was nice to be around so many people we love and care about. 


  1. I forgot blogs existed for a while...but then I remembered today and looked at yours! You are so nice to say all those nice things about me! Sisters forever!!! (that was super cheesy)

  2. So excited for some updates! Loved Ivy's dress! Wish I could have been there.

  3. I haven't checked blogs forever! These pictures are so sweet!